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Women pray for Alison Botha at the NG Church East after she gave her testimony.

Alison Botha, the woman who was stabbed and left for dead in 1994 outside Port Elizabeth, gave her testimony at the NG Church East on Friday, 3 March when this church celebrated World Prayer Day for Women.
Pupils from Hoërskool Oosterland also attended the day and the church was packed.
Alison wrote a book called ‘I have Life’ and a movie about her life was also just released.
She said the evening when she was raped and left for dead was full of miracles that saved her life.
She was 27 when it happened.
Alison pulled up in the driveway of her house and was looking for something in her car when a man appeared next to her window with a knife and ordered her to move over to the passenger seat.
He started driving and picked up his friend.
They took her to a bush at the outskirts of Port Elizabeth.
One of the men, Frans du Toit, was 26 at that time and out on parole for raping a pregnant girl and a 19-year-old student.
“When they stopped in the bush I knew something was going to happen.
“I asked them what now and they said they want to have sex and asked me if I am going to fight.
“I have never done a self-defence course so I decided not to fight.
“I think all the schools should give self-defence courses.
“I tried to remove my mind from my body while they both raped me.
“I remember thinking don’t worry Alison and I believe that was God speaking to me.”
She said people should stop allowing others who do not deserve it to have power over you.
“Forgiveness is important.
“I realised I was letting these men in on my future life if I do not forgive them.”
After raping her, Frans started strangling her and she passed out.
“There were many miracles that night.
“The fact that I passed out and was unconscious during most part was a miracle.”
Frans started stabbing Alison in her abdomen and doctors afterwards said they guess she was stabbed about 35 times.
“His friend, Theuns then saw my leg twitched and realised I was still alive and took the knife from Frans and cut my throat about 16 times.”
Alison heard most of what happened only in court from the two men as she was unconscious while it happened.
She described it as a miracle when Theuns cut her throat.
“Because I was strangled, I could not breathe, but when Theuns cut my throat, he cut it open and I was able to breathe again.
“God used the very evil that was supposed to kill me, to save my life.
“Let it be a reminder in your own life, sometimes God uses the horrible things for good and it is not always what we pray for.”
After the men left Alison for dead, she saw car lights through the bushes and told herself not to give up.
She wrote the names of the men in the sand for in case she died, so that police could know who did this to her.
She realised then she was stabbed in her abdomen and took a shirt the men left behind and tied it around her abdomen and started crawling to the road.
“My love for myself saved my life because I knew I was worth getting up for and that I was worth to fight for me.
“I remember every time I fell while I was crawling to the road, it was a miracle that I made it to the road.”
A car came and a student who was studying to become a vet helped Alison and called the ambulance that took nearly two hours to get there.
“Satan really tried to steal my life,” she said.
A throat specialist operated on Alison that night and eventually she fully recovered. She now travels all over South Africa and shares her story of hope.


  1. I’m so glad you posted this, but after watching Alison’s movie, you need to correct factual errors, such as where Frans approached Alison. Not in the driveway of her place as her usual spot was taken. She had to park further away. Also, from her abduction to her arriving at the hospital, the whole ordeal had taken only 90 minutes. Watch Alison’s 2017 movie to make necessary corrections.


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