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Members of the EFF was once again kicked out of the Govan Mbeki Municipality’s council chambers on Tuesday morning (28 February).
This was the second time the EFF members were forcefully removed from council for not adhering to the dress code.
Men are supposed to wear ties when the council is in session as it is befitting an “honourable” councillor.
As security personnel scuffed in to land a few kicks and punches, the resisting EFF members retaliated by throwing water at the municipality’s hired muscle.
Tables and chairs were wet and laptops and cell phones were also showered.
Before the commotion, an hour was used discussing the matter of EFF members not wearing ties.
Encee van Huyssteen, DA councillor, said: “The ANC have once again chosen to enforce the standing orders at Govan Mbeki municipal council meetings.
“While the standing orders is quite clear regarding the notice times for convening of council meetings and submitting documentation to councillors in preparation for council, the Speaker of the ANC have chosen to ignore this and continue in transgressing of these standing orders.
“The EFF were forcefully and violently removed from council due to the interpretation of standing orders regarding the dress code.
“This is while the speaker specifically chose to allow his ANC cadres to transgress the dress code, simultaneously choosing to evict the EFF.
“We witnessed on Tuesday, the full extend that the ANC is willing to go to protect their own transgressions.
“Security were called to remove EFF members and the security consisted of two people who could not be identified as security, dressed in overalls.
“We call on the Speaker to account for this gross misuse of power and to adhere to his own standing orders.”


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