Dead baby found on rubbish dump


The decomposing body of a baby boy, estimated to be about six months old, was found on the Secunda rubbish dump this morning.
According to a security guard at the dumping site, he noticed some scavengers in the area at about 11:00 while he was patrolling the site.
“I chased them away, but they called me over to see what they had found.
“When I went closer, I saw the naked body of the baby and I called the police,” the security guard told The Bulletin.
According to police at the scene, the corpse appears to be that of a white child.
A post mortem must still be done to determine the cause of death.
In the meantime, the police are looking for the child’s parents.
No baby had been reported missing in the area, therefore locating one or both of the parents is of utmost importance.
Anybody with information, can contact Secunda Police’s crime office at 017 624 2020.


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