Rock dropped on car

A large heavy object dropped from a pedestrian bridge caused this damage to the windshield of a Nissan Qashqai.

Had they passed underneath the bridge a split second later, they would have been seriously injured.
“God truly protected us,” said Rev Japie Malan from Adullam Mission Station about a rock that was thrown off a bridge onto his moving car on Sunday (12 February).
Japie and Annake Malan were on their way back to the mission at 21:00 after visiting with friends in Secunda.
They were traveling from Trichardt’s direction towards Evander, passing underneath the pedestrian bridge connecting Secunda’ s town with Ext 22, when suddenly the car was struck.
The Nissan Qashqai ‘s windshield took a massive hit just above the rear-view mirror.
Annake believes part of the car’s metal frame just above the windshield took most of the impact.
“If we had been traveling a fraction slower that rock would have come crushing down through the windscreen.”
Chips of glass splintered into the vehicle cabin causing numerous small cuts on Japie’s arms.
He kept his calm and drove directly to the police station.
Lt. Bettina Zondo, spokesperson for the Secunda Police, said this is the first time such an incident has been reported at the local police.
She speculated that it could possibly have been a method by which criminals immobilise motorists and rob them.
Similar cases were reported in Gauteng last year.
“The Malan couple’s reaction was spot on.
They kept on driving to the nearest police station.”
She warned motorists to vigilant.
“Under no circumstances should one stop or pull over,” Lt Zondo said.


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