Local cop duo is best in SA

Capt Heintjie Alberts and his dog, Brutus, have been awarded as the best K9 arson investigation team in South Africa.

Capt Heintjie Alberts and his canine partner, Brutus, from the Secunda Police K9 Unit, won the award for best arson investigation team in South Africa.
They earned the title as SA’s best at the national police canine championship held in Port Elizabeth recently.
The competition was held over three days with more than 80 dogs and their handlers taking part in their respective categories, such as drug detection, tracking, arson investigation, biological investigation (blood and semen), explosives, currency detection, endangered species investigation and patrol dogs.
Each province selected their best dog and handler in each respective field to take part in the national competition.
Besides Alberts and Brutus, another two cop and dog duos from the Secunda K9 Unit were selected on provincial level to represent Mpumalanga.
They are Capt André Joubert and Khathu in the patrol dog category and W/O Amos Masilela and Dash in the biological field.
The competition judges comprised of the best dog trainers, handlers and police officers throughout the country.
The dogs and their handlers were judged over the three days on criteria such as the basic dog training points, obedience, the handler’s approach, scent discrimination, mixed matrix (advanced scent discrimination) and accuracy.
Brutus, a 10-year old Kelpie, obtained the highest score in the field of fire investigation.
Alberts trained this amazing animal since he was eight months old.
Brutus is trained to sniff out the tiniest drop of accelerant (3 microlitre which is equivalent to 0,003ml).
According to Alberts Brutus has been on more than 600 arson scenes and his contributions to the investigations of these scenes have proven invaluable over the years.
There is a special bond between this cop and dog team.
Brutus is nearing retirement age and Alberts plans to buy him from the police when the time comes.
Brutus will probably be able to spend the rest of his doggie years with the two friends he likes most: Alberts and Ida, an 11-year old Labrador that Alberts has also trained.
Ida has served her country well as an explosives dog and will probably also soon be retired.
Besides winning the title of being the best at their business, Alberts and Brutus were also bestowed with a trophy, a certificate and dog food and doggie treats.
Lt Col Nancy Ntuli, commander of the Secunda K9 Unit was also the manager of the Mpumalanga team.
“I am extremely proud of the team.
“The competition was extremely tough, but I knew Capt Heintjie Alberts and Brutus were up for the challenge.” – Arisja Misselhorn


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