Networking myths busted at SACBW

The new Secunda branch committee of the SA Council of Businesswomen are (in front) Ancois van Zyl (chairman) and Olga Solomon (events co-ordinator). At the back are Natasha Jacobs (treasurer), Anita de Beer (competitions) and Shimona Mariah (members).

The South African Council of Business Women’s Secunda Branch (SACBW)held their first meeting for the year at Boesies Restaurant on Thursday, 26 January.
The members discussed the new committee’s plans for 2017, learned about networking and had the opportunity to network and socialise.
Ancois van Zyl, branch chairman, said networking is different from socialising.
According to her there are three myths about networking which have been busted.
These are:
1) You have to meet everyone – Busted!
“You need to meet three people at a networking event – your ideal client, a referral partner who is in contact with your ideal client and a mentor or learning partner.”
2) If you do not make a sale or get a job, then you failed – Busted!
“Networking is not about sales, but about relationship!
“What value can I offer and what can I gain,” Ancois explained.
3) Network and then follow-up – Busted!
“People who network successfully, go to an event with a network and follow up plan in mind.
“Who will I meet and what I can bring to the table?
“Send an e-mail the next day to the people you met to say it was a pleasure to meet them and you are looking forward to seeing them at the next event.”
Ancois cautioned to collect cards carefully.
“You do not need to take everyone’s cards.
“Cards cost money, so don’t take it if you are going to throw it away!
“If you are offended that someone did not want to take your card – think of it as they are saving your business money, but honestly not wasting a card and your business might just not be what they need right now.”
Ancois said one should keep your emotions out of the game, as healthy and great business do not mix with emotions.
She also advised women to give proper handshakes and to look people in the eyes.
For more information, membership or the branch’s calendar for the year, contact Ancois van Zyl at 082 314 0067.
You can also send an e-mail to


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