Land disputes erupt again

Louis Trichardt and Encee van Huyssteen talk about the situation.

Problems with land claims that started in 2014 but were never really settled, flared up again this week when Louis Trichardt, owner of land next to Lebohang, noticed people were mining illegally on his ground.
Louis’ troubles began in 2014 when illegal squatters invaded his property, as well as property belonging to several other people.
“We managed to convince them then not to build on our land,” said Louis.
At the time he gave the Govan Mbeki Municipality the option to buy his land.
“They called me an opportunist when I made my price,” said Louis. He was told that permission was needed from the provincial legislature to buy the property.
No one has come back to Louis on this matter.
He was on his way from Johannesburg to Secunda on Tuesday afternoon when he noticed trucks and heavy duty vehicles on his land.
He stopped his vehicle at the border of his property.
The truck were transporting dolerite excavated on his land.
When Louis confronted the workers, they argued with him and refused to leave.
Louis eventually called the Leandra Police Station.
Two policemen arrived at the scene, but did not appear to know how to solve the matter.
Encee van Huyssteen and Banele Nkabinde, DA councillors also arrived and negotiated with Louis and the workers who eventually came to an agreement.
Louis opened cases of trespassing, theft and illegal mining against the workers.


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