Oosie catches 1,5m long snake

Actor Nicholas Gage said “Every great story seems to begin with a snake.” This can be W.O Oosie Oosthuizen’s slogan from now on. Here she is with the rinkhals she caught at Lake Umuzi on Thursday (19 January).

When there’s a snake in the neighbourhood… who you gonna call?… Oosie Oosthuizen!
Secunda’s own crime buster and snake catcher, Warrant Officer Oosie Oosthuizen who is a member of the Secunda Police, caught a large rinkhals ( a ring-necked spitting cobra) in the area of Lake Umuzi last Thursday.
The establishment’s management spotted the 1,5m long snake in the field and Oosie was called to help.
With the moral support of Chantelle Prinsloo and medical support of Langamed South’s Shayne van den Heever, the slithering culprit was apprehended and placed in a snake box.
This specie snake is venomous and elapid (with hollow fangs) and can spit venom up to 2m.
It is indigent to the Eastern Highveld.
Oosie’s aim is not to harm the reptiles or to remove it from its natural habitat, therefore she released her Thursday catch into a marshland outside of town.
According to Oosie, the snake appears much larger on a photo she posted on Facebook.
“But yes, she is big one.”
Although Oosie appears fearless when catching a snake or a criminal, she admits to feeling somewhat apprehensive about an upcoming course where she will be taught in detail on handling some of South Africa’s deadliest snakes.
She is attending the course in her private capacity after numerous people in the community urged and supported her to complete her second snake handling course that will equip her legally to remove indigenous snakes.
“I really just want to thank everyone who is supporting me and rooting for me,” she said.
The course is taking place at Muldersdrif from 4 February.
Lt Bettinah Zondo, spokesperson for Secunda Police Station, said the police are extremely proud of the brave and fearless woman.
“Oosie is an asset to this community and we are rooting for her all the way.” – Arisja Misselhorn.


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