DA opens case against MM


The DA brought a complaint at the Secunda Police Station this morning (30 January) against the manager of the Govan Mbeki Municipality, Mmela Mahlangu.
The local DA caucus leader, Encee van Huyssteen, and Tarnia Baker, DA member of parliament, supplied the police with a three-page document stipulating the matters and the reasons for an investigation against the municipal manager.
They claim that Mahlangu has contravened the National Treasury Regulations and the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) 1 of 1999.
The DA called for an investigation into the conduct of the municipal manager for:

  • Failing to comply with the constraints posed by the s38(1) (f) of the PMFA with the roles and responsibilities which are assigned to him by the Municipal Systems Act
  • For failing to apply and enforce the necessary systems to ensure that his administration, specifically that the accounting officer settles the municipality’s debt within 30 days;
  • For potentially creating a dangerous circumstance in which the ill, who would require the electricity to stay on, would have been found with none; and for failing to develop a system of community satisfaction, and
  • For failing to adhere and promote the National and Provincial Financial Legislation.

As the accounting officer of the municipality, Mahlangu is considered responsible for the payment agreements with Eskom. Failing to adhere to these agreements is, per the DA, a clear contravention of the 30-day payment rule issued by National Treasury.
The DA is this week hosting public meetings on the looming electricity cuts Eskom is planning to implement due to the massive debt Govan Mbeki Municipality is owing.

Tarnia Baker (Member of Parliament) and Encee van Huyssteen (caucus leader of the DA in Govan Mbeki Municipality) discuss the content of their complaint with Detective Sgt Mzwandile Nkambule.


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