Cops seize healer’s fake money


A woman found in a pit under a traditional healer’s garage in Sunset Park on Friday, 25 November refuses to press charges against the man who held her captive for more than a day.
According to Capt Bettina Zondo, spokesperson for the Secunda Police, the woman claims she had been receiving treatment.
Secunda Police found the woman while investigating another case of a traditional healer who is allegedly defrauding his patients.
It appears that the woman voluntarily entered the pit under the garage floor of a house in Steenbok Street in the Golden Village complex the previous day.
She was sitting hunched over on a drum stool in the pit when the police opened the trap door that was hidden under carpet and buck skin.
From this small chamber a narrow tunnel of about two meters led to another small hatch in the garage floor.
Water filled the bottom of this cavity.
The walls of the “dungeon” were lined with blue tarpaulin.
The police also found a large amount of counterfeit money in the garage room.
The healer told the police on the scene that he was working with the woman to help her find good luck.
He appeared briefly in the Secunda Magistrate’s Court on 28 November for being in possession of counterfeit money adding up to almost R25 000.
Capt Zondo warned people not to fall for a scam where someone claims to double your money and change your luck.
These fraudsters would allegedly tell their victims that the ancestors require them to take all their money (including their entire pension fund investments) to the healer to “double it”.
“The victims either receive counterfeit money or the fraudster runs away,” Capt Zondo said.


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