People without water for days


Residents of Eendracht have been living for days on end without running water over the past few months.
“Sometimes we have water during the week, but over weekends we never have water,” said a resident.
“It has actually been a problem for the past five years.
“Initially we received notification letters before the taps dried up, but now we sit without water most of the time without any prior notice.”
According to some residents, the Govan Mbeki Municipality sent a truck to supply water, but many residents became sick after they drank from that water and had to visit the doctor.
“That truck looked like a sewerage truck,” said a resident.
The truck driver apparently told residents the water problems are due to a burst pipe and it would soon have been repaired.
However, it has been weeks and residents are still without water.
“If we call the municipality, the phone is put down in our ears,” said a resident.
“We see clean water flowing down the streets here while we have no water.”
The Bulletin contacted Bheki Khubeka, Head of Marketing and Communications of Govan Mbeki Municipality for comment, but after two weeks, he still did not respond.




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