Police arrest three suspects


The police arrested three alleged burglars and drug dealers on Wednesday, 16 November.
The police noticed the suspects’ silver Volkswagen Polo as a vehicle suspected of being used in several burglaries in the area.
The suspects were apprehended when the police stopped and searched their vehicle on the corner of Bossjespurit and Brandspruit Street.
The cops found a toy AK47, stolen goods and drugs inside.
The occupants of the vehicle, three men and a woman, were arrested, but the woman was later released.
The men appeared in the Secunda Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, 17 November.
This case is also linked to stolen goods that had been sold to local pawn shops.
The police found a guitar, a car amp and a car radio.
If these items belong to you, contact the police at 10111.
Col. Willem Nel, Secunda Police Station Commander, said this is one of several recent successes.
“Although Property Crime and other crimes are still a challenge, we have intensified our Action Plan for executing operations, arrests and pro-active policing through Police visibility in Secunda.”
Col Nel said Secunda police recently conducted an intelligence driven operation and made several arrests on problematic crimes, such as drug possession, fraud and the possession of presumed stolen property.
Nel appeals to the community to work alongside the police in providing the police with tangible information about crimes being committed and criminals in the community.
He said this information will be treated as confidential.



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