Cops discover woman locked in a pit


Secunda Police discovered a woman trapped in pit under the garage floor of a house in Steenbok Street in the Golden Village complex this afternoon, 25 November 2016.
It appears that the woman voluntarily entered the “dungeon” last night (24 November). The police found the woman while investigating another case of a traditional healer who is allegedly defrauding his patients.
The “healer” who is a foreigner from Uganda, protested when policemen opened a trap door they found concealed beneath carpet and buck hide. They discovered the woman sitting hunched over on a drum stool. From this small chamber a narrow tunnel of about two meters led to another small hatch in the garage floor. Water filled the bottom of this cavity. The walls of the “dungeon” are lined with blue tarpaulin.
The police also found a large amount of counterfeit money in the garage room.
The healer told the police on the scene that he was “working” with the woman to help her find good luck.  She looked tired and was cradling her abdomen as she walked to a police vehicle. The “healer” insisted and then also tried to enter the garage while the police were searching the premises. He said he needed his muti. He did however suddenly jump up, ran outside, slammed shut the front door and scaled the high backyard wall in an attempt to escape into the field on the outskirts of town towards Evander.
The police chased after him with a police van, caught him and took him to the police station. The dog unit was called in to search the house, especially for concealed weapons.
Capt Bettina Zondo, police spokesperson, warned people not to fall for a scam where someone claims to double your money and change your luck. These fraudsters would allegedly tell their victims that the ancestors require them to take all their money (including their entire pension fund investments) to the healer to “double it”.
“The victims either receive back counterfeit money or the fraudster runs away,” Capt Zondo said.
The suspect claimed that he was renting this house which is on a panhandle lot and that he was actually just lodging with another couple, but they were nowhere to be found. Curious neighbours told The Bulletin that they had spotted the man emptying buckets of water into the street early this morning. He told them his dog house was flooded.  “They are very quiet people during the day, there was a lot of activity at night,” a neighbour said.

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