STRATCONRISK cares about your safety


Are they Autobots? Or perhaps one or other special unit?
No, they are called STRATCONRISK and they are taking your safety and security to a whole new level.
Jacques Alberts, known locally as a self-defence and a Krav Maga instructor, has brought Strategic Consulting, a renowned independent risk consultancy that works in partnership with Pretorian Worldwide, to Secunda and coupled it with Langamed South Ambulance services.
Pretorian deals internationally with high profile clients.
Strategic Consulting’s STRATCONRISK was formed to counter the rising threat to high-risk targets, such as facilities, individuals and events and the difficulties encountered when dealing with traditional security providers.
They develop, implement and manage the physical and operational security infrastructure for corporate, governmental and private clients.
Jacques is head of the Secunda STRATCONRISK base where they focus on executive protection of high risk clients and businesses, asset tracking and recovery, in transit protection and security risk auditing.
Langamed’s best personnel have been brought on board as part of the STRATCONRISK vehicle crew.
Whether it is protecting a client, catching hi-jackers or stopping a bank robbery in progress, STRATCONRISK has emergency medical care personnel available 24 hours.
“We can also help you track and monitor the movement of virtually any movable asset – anywhere, anytime by employing both GPS and GPRS technology,” Jacques said.
According to Jacques and Langamed’s Shayne van der Heever, their aim is to assist the police and the community with their unique skills and expertise.
“We are here to strengthen the police’s efforts and to give the CPF back up.
“We are not here to snatch clients from other security companies,” he said.
STRATCONRISK operators are highly skilled in special services such as hostile environment close protection, weapons expertise, high speed vehicle handling and tactical medical assistance.
For more information, phone STRATCONRISK at 083 357 6378 or 072 132 3397.



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