Wayne turns Lego building into an art


Wayne de Beer (36) is no ordinary lover of Lego.
He turns Lego building into an art form.
This Secunda artist and father of 3-year old twins is a master at building his own designs and creations.
He is one of less than 100 LUG members in South Africa.
LUG is the abbreviation for Lego User Group.
zaLUG is the only South African group officially recognised by the international Lego company.
Members of zaLUG attended the annual Lego Bricks Fair at the Irene Village Mall last month where they displayed their genius to the world.
These Lego fanatics who think nothing of forking out hundreds of Rand to buy a limited edition Lego man, do not conform to the building instructions in a Lego set.
“I buy a Lego set merely for parts use in MOCs (The Lego terminology for My Own Creation).
“Any Lego set is usually dumped on the study floor to sort the individual parts. At my house Lego is stored according to their individual parts and not as a set,” Wayne explained.
Each member of the zaLUG is a master in a specific field.
Wayne’s niche is space ships that he is able to construct as smooth as possible without any studs visible.
He also made a replica of the tower in Lord of the Rings.
“It takes weeks of fiddling and rebuilding to have piece ready for display,” Wayne said.
Lego commissions the members of zaLUG to also build special projects for display purposes at malls and centres throughout the country.
Wayne is a senior brand marketing practitioner at Sasol.
In his own word he is a “glorified graphic artist” whose work includes creating 3D visual computer animation campaigns.
This is a huge advantage when he plots and plans his own Lego creations.
Recently he planned and then built a replica of futuristic creature resembling a giraffe that he saw on a PlayStation Game called Horizon Zero Dawn.
He posted a picture of his work on Facebook.
When the game’s owner company, Guerrilla Games in Netherland, saw the post, they called up Wayne.
“They fell in love with the creation and asked for the building instructions.
This piece is now on display at their head office in Europe,” Wayne said.
Wayne remembers being hooked on Lego from an early age.
For fear of being dubbed a nerd, he refrained from this hobby as teenager and turned to playing guitar – in extreme.
Today he boasts with a collection of eight guitars and specialises in math metal and progressive heavy metal.
His other hobbies include artistic work such as sculpting and digital painting.
He was lured back to Lego at the time his wife, Anita, was pregnant with Logan and Caitlin.
“My work colleagues gave me a Lego set as a birthday gift.
“That was all it took,” he confessed.
For more information and to join zaLUG, visit www.zaLUG.co.za – Arisja Misselhorn.


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