They saved 1000s of lives


Daan Brink’s message at the annual local SANBS Donor for Life Awards was brief and to the point: “My heavenly Father deserves all the glory.”
Daan was honoured as the man of the hour at the awards ceremony held in the Graceland Arena last Thursday (3 November).
He received the medal for 300th donation.
In fact, he has already donated 310 units throughout his life.
The Teska branch of the South African National Blood Services also honoured 300 other medal recipients on Thursday night.
Anton Froneman, Laurence Taylor and Karel Kirsten received the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Medal for donating 275 units of blood each in their live time.
Daniel Jacobs was honoured for his 225th donation.
Receiving the medal for reaching a milestone of 200 donations were Johannes Jacobs, Petrus Nagel, Perelaer Ornus and Edmund Soule.
There were 10 recipients for the 175th donation medal, 15 received medals for 150 units donated each, 26 donors were honoured for donating 125 units of blood each and 59 donors reached their 100th donation mark.
SANBS recognised 51 donors for their 75th donation, 94 donors received medals for their 50th donation and 36 people were recognised as part of Club 25.
SANBS Chief Operation Officer, Ravi Reddy, paid homage to these unsung heroes whose “service to mankind is of the highest order.”
Reddy said donors constitute only about 1% of the country’s population despite the ever increasing demand for blood.
“There is no replacement products for blood,” he said.
According to Josephine Mitchel, Zone Donor Manager, Teksa branch donors have thus far collectively donated 24 925 units of blood.
“One unit can potentially provide blood products to three people. Collectively these donors have thus potentially saved the lives of 74 775 people.”
She said that the past year the branch exceeded their collection target of 20 700 units of blood with 720 units more collected.
She encouraged donors to become involved with the donor committee and to help recruit new donors.


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