UPDATE: Shot suspect faces added charge


The suspected burglar who was shot in Helen Joseph Street yesterday (2 November), is not only facing a charge of housebreaking and theft, but also a charge of attempted murder.
This charge was added because the suspect allegedly attacked the policeman before being shot.
According to W/O Thulani Gamede, Secunda Police spokesman, the suspect is a Tanzanian citizen.  He and an accomplice allegedly broke into the house of a policeman in Lehman Street at about 12:25 yesterday.
The policeman, who is a member of the Secunda Flying Squad, was alerted by a neighbour of two men lurking around in his yard.  The cop rushed home, apparently climbed over the back yard wall, approached the suspects from behind the house and surprised them in the front yard.
The two startled men scrambled to get away. The duo initially ran in the same direction, but split up in Helen Joseph Street. The policeman who had fired off two warning shots in the chase, pursued the suspect carrying a red bag and caught up with him near the bus stop on Helen Joseph Street between Trichardt Road and Lombard Street.
Here the suspect allegedly came at the policeman with a pipe wrench.  According to W/O Gamede the policeman shot the suspect in the left thigh. The man was arrested where he fell. He was taken to Evander Hospital for medical examination under police guard. The other suspect is still at large.
“Anyone with intangible information that could assist the Police in their research to bring the suspect to book, can contact Secunda Crime Office at 017 624 2020,” Gamede said.



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