Crocheting group gives Anja blankets


A crocheting group in Secunda last week presented two of their members with Anja blankets.
These blankets are given to people mourning the death of a loved one.
Wilna Mouton and Denise Steenkamp received two blankets from the Secunda crocheting group.
Anja comfort blankets originated after Anja Steyn Jansen van Vuuren died on 22 January 2014.
Anja, her mother and her sister belonged to a crocheting group on Facebook and after Anja died, the members of this group decided to crochet blocks and send it to Anja’s mother, Katinka.
Katinka assembled the blocks for a doubled bed blanket as well as smaller blankets for Anja’s three children.
Each Anja comfort blanket has one purple block, called the Anja block, because purple was Anja’s favourite colour.
This group currently get requests for blankets from all over South Africa and has helped many people who have lost loved ones.
According to Amanda Kleynhans, everyone crocheting Anja blocks do it voluntarily with love and compassion.

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