MTB cyclists compete


Julius Cobbert was the winner at MegChem Cycling Club’s first Le-Mans MTB Enduro cycle race held during the Secunda Springfest on Saturday, 8 October at Lake Umuzi.
He completed 19 laps.
Punkhead Moir finished second with 17 laps, George van Maanen finished third with 16 laps, Ruan Louw finished fourth with 16 laps and Bertus Anderson finished fifth with 15 laps.
Among the women, BJ Paulsmeister finished first with 7 laps, Salome Rheeder finished second with 6 laps and Aneli Homan finished third with 3 laps.
Among the men’s teams that took part, the Dust Devils was the first team to cross the finish line completing 17 laps, Masterlink Cycles team finished second, also with 17 laps, GKJ team finished third, also with 17 laps, Tref en Trap team finished fourth with 16 laps and the Wild Hogs team finished fifth with 16 laps.
The LSD team, the Voel 4 Kol tam, the FJ’s team and the Faithfull 4 team also completed 16 laps.
The first mixed team to cross the finish line was the Dinkies team who completed 21 laps.
The Duppies team finished second with 20 laps, the Ooms and Tannies team finished third with 14 laps and Die Prinsloo’s team, the New Beginnings team and the Wiinotfot team also completed 14 laps.

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