Church launches project for abused children


The God First/Eerste Church launched the Royal Family Kids Secunda project on Sunday, 21 August at the church.
Royal Family Kids is part of Jackson’s Ridge Royal Family Kids that holds camps across South Africa for children who have been physically, sexually and emotionally abused.
The God First/Eerste Church have taken hands with Sonja Beukes from Royal Family Kids who recently moved to Secunda. They hope to soon kick off with the first camp, but acknowledge that this project will demand a lot of prayer, volunteering and money.
Royal Family Kids Secunda will reach out to children in Secunda and the surrounding areas and invited the community to take hands with them.
Royal Family raises funds and enlists volunteers to serve these children. Many of the children who are considered for camp have been removed from their biological homes and are either in foster care or orphans.
For more information, contact 082 874 5812.

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