Women celebrate Women’s Day


Women celebrating Women’s Day at Graceland Casino on Tuesday were inspired by the guest speakers.
The day was organised by Your Person Concierge Service, Graceland and Avalon Day Spa.
The first speaker was Tracey van Wyk.
Tracey is involved with Cansa and helps cancer patients and their families. She is also the chairperson of the ATKV Kosmosrand branch and a counsellor and motivational speaker.
She said true beauty comes from within a person.
“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates,” said Tracey.
“If do not have inner beauty, it reflects on your outside.
“It starts with yourself, without self-love, you cannot love other people.
“A real woman is a woman who works on her inner beauty.
“She possesses qualities of softness, understanding, kindness and willingness to protect and to heal.”
Tracey said as a counsellor she sees a lot of people who suffer from depression.
“I take them with me when I visit a cancer patient and I don’t say anything, but then they realise how much they have to be thankful for.
“Sometimes depression is ungratefulness as you focus on what you do not have instead of what you have.”
She said the biggest issue today is unforgiveness and she encouraged women to forgive people who have hurt them.
“If you do not forgive a person, you cannot be forgiven and you are chained to that person.
“Everywhere you go, that person goes with you and you cannot stop thinking about that person.”
She also encouraged women to speak life into situations and not always speak negatively about their circumstances.
“There is power in your words.”
The next speaker was Dr Carina Smit from Avalon Day Spa.
She said people have a lot of misconceptions about Botox and fillers. It is a safe procedure.
“It is the most common method used worldwide,” said Dr Smit.
“We all age, but we can control the speed thereof.
Elmarie Claassens, clinical Psychologist and cook on the Via television channel, also spoke and encouraged women.
She said people often regret the things they did not do more than the things they have done.
“Research shows if we go outside and get some sunshine, we feel better.”
She encouraged the women to do things outside, such as going for a walk.
Avalon Day Spa gave one woman a makeover. Hunter entertained the women with her music.

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