Sasol flaunts record holder


Sasol’s Emergency Management team introduced and showed the community the newest fire engine to their fleet, the Inundator Super Pumper, on Monday, 18 July.
The Inundator was imported from Ferrera Fire Apparatus in the United States of America and features world-class technology.
It is replacing the Eagle 1, a 16-year-old fire truck at Sasol Fire Station.
The Inundator will enable the Emergency Management team to fight potential fire incidents with more accuracy and speed.
The Inundator comes with three deck monitors and can supply pressured fire water at up to 50 000 litres per minute over an approximate distance of 150m.
This fire engine holds the Guinness World Record for the fire engine with the highest pumping capacity.
“We are extremely proud to bring this first in African technology to Sasol.
“Our vision at Emergency Management is to be the best industrial fire brigade in the world and this latest technology will certainly enable us to achieve our vision,” said Pine Pienaar, Senior Manager, Sasol Emergency Management.
“We fight what others fear and having the best equipment and technology at our fingertips makes our job more efficient and effective,” said Pine Pienaar, Senior Manager Emergency Management.
“We are indeed setting the benchmark for other industrial fire brigades.
“With the Guinness Word Record held, the Inundator will enable Sasol Emergency Management to be ready for any fire incident.”
Pienaar thanked the agent company, Marcé, who helped Emergency Management through the procurement and import process for their commitment against tight timelines.
The fire engine was shipped to Walvis Bay and transported from there to Secunda.

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