Firefighters attacked


Firefighters were attacked in eMbalenhle last week when they responded to a fire incident.
The fire engines were vandalized and thrown with sticks and stones.
“We are concerned about this increase in attacking municipal firefighters and the fleet,” said Bheki Khubeka, Head of Marketing and Communications of Govan Mbeki Municipality.
“This prevents firefighters from doing their jobs effectively in saving lives and property.
“Damaged vehicles and injured firefighters mean that there are fewer resources to respond to fires and other incidents.
“I appeal to the community to restrain from this unbecoming act of violence, or intimidation of the very people who risk their lives every day in servicing the community.”
Khubeka said it also came under the municipality’s attention that people do not dial the correct emergency numbers and by the time the fire and rescue teams attend to the call, it is too late.
He urged the community to dial the correct numbers.
The correct numbers are 112 (from a cell phone), 107 (from a land line) and 0800 6000 01/02/04.

Attacks on firefighters


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