Municipal Manager is coming back


Mmela Mahlangu is to come back as Municipal Manager of the Govan Mbeki Municipality.
The Govan Mbeki Municipality took this decision on Monday 13 June, to revoke a previous council resolution in which Mahlangu and Sabatha Shongwe, initial MM of the Musikaligwa Municipality (Ermelo) had been forced to swop places.
This former resolution was approved earlier this year on instruction from the Mpumalanga MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.
The DA councillors walked out of Monday’s special council meeting, as they are against the entire Mahlangu-sage from beginning to end.
“We did not even agree with council to appoint Mahlangu as the municipal manager in the first place,” said DA councillor Encee van Huyssteen.
“We also did not agree with the initial decision to swop municipal managers of Govan Mbeki and Musikaligwa.”
According to him, Shongwe is not authorised to sign any documents or contracts because he has not been officially appointed by council in line with the correct procedures.
Van Huyssteen cannot understand how it was possible for the council to approve the latest decision, as there were not enough councillors present at the meeting to form a quorum as required by law.
“There were not enough councillors left when the DA walked out,” Van Huyssteen said.
The official opposition left the council chambers on the grounds that they disagreed with the reasons of the meeting, as well as not being granted enough time to peruse the minutes and documents for the meeting.
These were apparently only distributed among councillors 30 minutes after the meeting was supposed to begin.
Pierre Bosch (DA councillor) wrote a letter on behalf of the DA to object to this meeting, the way in which the meeting was conducted and the decisions taken.
“We distance ourselves from any decisions made, because it was outside of the standing order,” said Pierre.
According to these councillors, the DA repeatedly warned the council not to appoint Mahlangu.
They also previously called for an investigation into Mahlangu’s financial dealings, as well as his professional conduct.




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