Mayor praises council

The executive mayor, Lindi Masina, delivered her last speech oat a council meeting on Thursday, 28 May.

Govan Mbeki Municipality’s mayor, Lindi Masina, said municipal employees and councillors can pat themselves on the back for a job well done.
This was said as part of her last speech at the council meeting held on Thursday, 28 May.
She further said: “We are closing the curtain of a journey that was started in 2011 and has drawn to a close in this crucial year of 2016, the year of the local government elections.
There are a number of critical issues that I would like to reflect on.
“I must indicate that 2016 has been one of the most difficult years for this municipality and the councillors have had to bear the brunt.
“A barrage of challenges faced this municipality, but we have been consistent in ensuring that the basic services to our people are continuously provided for in a professional, effective and efficient manner.
“This council, as a custodian of all legislative framework that governs the Municipality, has continued to play a pivotal role in all programs aimed at enhancing service delivery to the people.
“It is my considered view that this municipality has lived up to those expectations of our people.
“We believe that the new leaders will be committed to doubling these efforts in the quest of radically changing the plight of our people and bringing about a better life for all.
“The Doomsayers will always want us to labour on our failures and so forget about the positive results that we have achieved and continue to achieve despite the horrible challenges that we are grappling with on a daily basis.
“It is very important to speak boldly about these positives while acknowledging the negatives, because it would be incorrect to make a socio-economic and political analysis of our municipality using a narrow-singular-unipolar analysis.
“Out of the seven municipalities in this district, we have been assessed as the best performing municipality; this is due to the achievement of both the administration and political wing of this municipality.
“Our municipality has received a letter of Appreciation from the Minister of Cogta, Pravin Gordhan, for having submitted the Back to Basics Report on a consistent basis and in compliance with the legislative dictates.
“We are one of the municipalities in the province that is supplying clean drinkable water above the 90% mark, meeting the standards set by Rand Water.”
According to the mayor, the Eskom account is still a problem because of electricity theft.
The municipality recently paid R38 million towards the electricity account of R41 million.
“We are in constant engagements with Eskom and are aiming to resolve this impasse amicably and positively.
“We are going today to present a new revised Repayment Plan with Eskom.”
According to her, the municipality focused on water, sanitation, electricity, roads and storm water, refuse removal, human settlement, municipal infrastructure and public participation when it came to improving local public service.
The DA put in a motion that the municipal manager, Mmela Mahlangu, who has been transferred to Ermelo, be investigated.
According to the DA councillor, Encee van Huyssteen, the manager owed the municipality R32 275 since 2 March and people want to know why his electricity was not cut like other consumers who do not settle their outstanding accounts.
Councillors Hein Badenhorst and Ena van Rooyen said victory has been achieved after a nine month struggle to correct the consumers’ Govan Mbeki Municipal account on two illegal items billed, namely water research levy and electrical network charge (previously named meter box hire).
According to Ena, this Resolution A32/05/2016 was laid to the council on 26 May and it was noted and supported by various departments that the tariffs charged be credited back to the consumers and that such additional charges be withdrawn in the financial year 2015/2016.
It was decided at the council meeting that the municipality will indeed credit consumers’ accounts with these charges.
It was also decided that the property rates tax will not increase by more than 10%.
This came after these councilors suggested that it increase between 6 and 10%.
The problems concerning the licensing department will also now hopefully come to an end as the provincial department has already taken over the licensing department.

The executive mayor, Lindi Masina, delivered her last speech oat a council meeting on Thursday, 28 May.
The executive mayor, Lindi Masina, delivered her last speech oat a council meeting on Thursday, 28 May.


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