Illegal dumpers, beware


According to Bheki Khubeka, acting Head of Marketing and Communications at Govan Mbeki Municipality, officers of compliance and law enforcement inspected the site in Erasmus Street where illegal dumping has been taking place for two years.
This came after The Bulletin published an article about this problem last week.
Bheki said: “It was found that the illegal dumping is rampant in that stretch of land and action has been taken.”
According to him, the municipality encouraged businesses and individuals to report all incidents of illegal dumping in that area.
“We will obtain statements and affidavits from potential witnesses and that area will be monitored on a regular basis.
“The legal section will help with the drafting of subpoenas for possible prosecution of transgressors.”
He asked the community to report any illegal activities in this regard by contacting 017 620 6327 or sending an e-mail to

Illegal dumping1 Illegal dumping3


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